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Il nostro Istituto in lingua Inglese

The IISS “LOTTI –UMBERTO I”  located in Andria, southern Italy is a very large and popular vocational and technical school, catering for 836 students, aged 14-19 years old and providing them with three courses: Commercial services, Tourism and Agricolture.

The vocational school and technical institute for tourism are conveniently located in Via Cinzio Violante, not far from the city centre. The school is situated in a site surrounded by other state schools.

The Institute of Agriculture is situated in the countryside far from the city centre. Its premise is and ancient and valuable building surrounded by the countryside where the students effectively learn what they are taught in the classroom.

The Commercial services course, included in the vocational school, offers a comprehensive coverage of the main functional areas of any business and is a great introduction to the business world. 

In 2011, the school took over the Technical Institute For Tourism, a course which offers more linguistic (English, French, German and Spanish), economic and ICT skills to better cope with rising phenomenon of mass tourism. Learners are enabled to work in tourism sector, to improve the management and technological system of a touristic enterprise.

In 2014 the school merged with the technical institute of agriculture. It enables students to deal with all the themes related to agriculture, livestock, forestry, climate, food industry. This course also specializes in organic farming and local delicacies.

Our school implements innovative didactics focused on learning-by doing for students, also for the students with special needs, rather than standard frontal lessons that could be difficult to follow for them. The students study in innovative laboratories where they have the possibility to learn, implement and experiment. Our students are also provided with science, chemistry, ICT, agronomy and linguistic laboratories.

We strongly believe in guiding and supporting them of all abilities to achieve their full potential. We achieve it thanks to a broad curriculum of cultural and vocational activities.

We also offer our students a wide range of additional, challenging and inspiring experiences including vocational programs, links with local industries, companies and farms and structured work experiences.

The mission of our school is offering equal opportunities to all students.  Its set of values along with its aims are defined in its EDUCATIONAL OFFER PLAN (POF).

Our institution goals are:

-  To carry out the fulfillment of compulsory schooling

-  To raise the level of education and the rate of success in school

-  To contribute to the development of personality offering, in addition to a basic sound knowledge , wide opportunities for cultural enrichment;

-  To ensure the achievement of a high level proficiency completing theoretical knowledge with effective and systematic practical activities, for a successfully entry in the productive reality of the territory;

-  To strengthen and make more effective the action of orientation, in view of both the further studies  and the inclusion in the labor market;

-  To develop, through new technologies and up-to-date methodologies, the teaching languages and STEM disciplines

The school has a tradition for projects and afternoon activities that have always been popular with our students. The following list includes some of the projects that make up the backbone of our optional curriculum.

- the school magazine: MONDOLOTTI: the students get information about the school activities and write articles.

- European projects (ECDL, ERASMUS PROJECT, PON)

- Sports: Badminton, Football and volleyball Tournment, Swimming

- Theatre, Cinema, Literary Meetings

- IFS: impresa formativa simulata: the students simulate in classrooms and laboratories the production processes of local firms and companies who play the role of tutors.

- Alternanza scuola lavoro: the students join stages organized by the school, local companies and professional business in order to be selected as potential workers.


Since the mission of our school is to help all the students to reach their full potential and leave no one behind, over the last years, it has developed experiences and projects to become more familiar with engaging strategies, with ICT and foreign languages. The aim of the different courses and experts advice is still to make us more effective teachers and gain more confidence as educators.

As we strongly believe ICT plays an important role in engaging students in their learning process we have been carrying out courses to improve our ICT skills and become more familiar with the interactive multimedia board. More importantly, since two years a multimedia classroom has been set up: CLASSE 2.0.  It consists of 25 tablets, 1 white interactive board, a video projector and an e-learning platform. It will increase the value of teamwork, help the students express their ideas creatively, develop their collaboration techniques and the research, planning and organization skills.

The high number of students with speech and language difficulties, social, emotional and behavioral disorder, ADHD and dyslexia problems has determined our participation to different courses related to Special educational needs.  We always put a strong emphasis on flexible activities to reach everyone. Moreover a psychologist, along with special need teachers support these students with creative and engaging activities.

Regarding the foreign language learning, our school since 2009  has joined two Comenius projects: “Peer Education” and “Back to the future” have contributed to broaden our students horizons and the teachers competences.

In addition, some teachers have been offered a variety of teacher training courses abroad to improve their teaching skills, to set European goals and citizenship competences in their curriculum and to compare the European school systems. 

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